facilitiesnet: Weighing the Value of EV Charging Stations


facilitiesnet: Weighing the Value of EV Charging Stations

Andrew Birch and Robert Gray recently published an article for facilitiesnet examining the value of EV charging stations on your property. Here are some highlights:

  • Currently, less than 5 percent of Americans drive EVs.
  • Sales of all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles nearly doubled in 2021.
  • EVs need to be recharged approximately every 250-350 miles.
  • Charging stations are quickly evolving from luxuries to necessities.

Here is the quote that should stand out to all asset and property managers:

EV charging stations are poised to be the next “free Wi-Fi” in terms of tenant amenities, and soon the cost of not investing in EV charging stations could be much more damaging.

The article provides insight on navigating the installation of electronic vehicle charging stations; however, as all property managers know – not all properties are created equal. Regardless of whether you have an office or retail property, TruPark can help you strategize the pros and cons of this amenity and help you create the best experience for your parker while creating value for your commercial real estate asset.

If you are ready to explore adding EV stations to your parking property, contact the experts at TruPark, where we understand what it takes to:

  • Optimize your revenue-making opportunities
  • Ease the burden of operations
  • Create first and lasting impressions for building occupants and users

Ask TruPark about a strategy for EV car charging stations today.

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