Headlines about how our industry is adapting to the culture brought on by the life-altering events of 2020 have dominated the commercial real estate media outlets. Tenant relations and technology lead the list of items that CRE professionals need to keep top-of-mind. With that in mind, your parking center should not be overlooked. How can you leverage your parking center to meet up with trends?

Understand changing consumer behavior.

Understanding consumer behavior allows you to leverage the different components of your building to create more value. We’re sure that you know that finding ways to eliminate stress is not new behavior. What has changed is what people are doing to eliminate stress –in particular, and relevant to us – is planning.

Gone are the days when the majority of people drove around to find a good parking spot. Some people may plan their parking in advance; however, most wait until they are in a general vicinity and turn to their cell phones to find a convenient parking space closest to their destination of choice.

Have you considered parking reservation software to help you generate revenue?

Take advantage of available technology to adapt to new behaviors.

Parking reservation software lets you list your parking center so that visitors to the area can find your center with ease.

Parking reservation software makes your property easier to find and delivers parking guests more convenience and safety by providing the ability to use a cell phone to scan in and out of your parking center without having to touch a ticket. It also guarantees them a parking space.

There are added benefits. 

By using parking reservation software, your parking center becomes a community hub and you can coordinate and collaborate with hotels, restaurants, and other outside venues. Your commercial real estate property becomes more outward-facing and becomes a destination.

Parking reservation software is a prop-tech that creates a digital presence for your property. The software system helps to guide you in providing the most important information to consumers and you become more searchable. Perhaps more important is that parking reservation software creates or improves you opportunity to generate revenue from an often overlooked part of your real estate asset.

There are many parking reservation software companies out there. If you need help finding the right choice, be sure to contact us for a consultation.