In a world where convenience, safety and customer experience matter more than ever, a new, better parking experience stands out, setting the new standard. As savvy business leaders know, the customer experience is happening at every touchpoint, which includes the pre-entry to your business – the parking experience.

The demand for seamless mobile interactions, slick and simple convenience, as well as engaging experiences, is not likely to go anywhere. In fact, it’s more likely to become increasingly poignant as technology leapfrogs to help further refine the consumer’s visions and expectations. TruPark offers a fresh perspective as it meets this demand with its mantra, “We don’t park cars….we park people.” 

Unpacking The New Parking Experience

Appetite For Something Better – Even before the social distancing needs of the pandemic sprung upon us in 2020, the consumer appetite for a cleaner, safer and more convenient parking experience had begun. The days of parking areas being dirty, smelly, unsafe and difficult to make payment within are no longer acceptable. The bar has been raised, and it’s unlikely to be lowered.

Safety First – Of course, safety comes first and foremost in parking areas with basics like well-lit parking and monitoring of parking units to ensure that parkers have a level of comfort where they exit and enter their vehicles.

Less Friction, Less Touch – Long before and beyond needs for social distancing, friction-less parking experiences are what the consumer demands. Your business will stay current and in-step with this demand by offering hands-free, technology-based tools going forward. Examples of these conveniences include:

  • License Plate Recognition – LPR technology allows for streamlined entry to heavily trafficked parking areas and ease of payment.
  • Ticketless Parking – From QR codes to SMS-based payment to in-app or pay-by-phone options, ticketless parking is what consumers want.
  • Prepaid Parking – Being able to pay ahead (and reserve a spot) is another convenience that adds to the customer parking experience. 

Human Interaction On-Demand – TruPark understands that parking is not about cars, it’s about people. Technology is great but sometimes it’s not the right tool at the right time for a multitude of reasons. A holistic customer-centric approach allows access to human assistance when needed as part of the integrated experience.

TruPark has built its business on a high arching theme that can be summed up in the phrase, “We don’t park cars…we park people.”

With a dedication toward dancing on the cutting edge of technology as well as understanding that the user is the most important piece of the puzzle, we create parking experiences that are seamless, easy and positive. We handle the details so parkers don’t have to notice truly how handled those details are.