Tips to make your garage entrance and exit experience better. 

Several of our parking garages have upgraded their systems. The use of QR codes makes it easier hands-free, and in many cases, allows us to customize the data behind its use. Our service provider, Spot Hero, recently shared a few scanner tips that we wanted to pass along.

Scanner Tips for a Speedy Entry and Exit:

  • Make sure to turn the brightness up on your phone so the QR code is easy to read.
  • Try to hold the QR code at least 2 inches from the reader.
  • Heading underground? Try to pull up your parking pass before driving down the garage ramp to ensure you don’t run into a low signal.
  • There’s no need to zoom in on the QR code! Generally, smaller QR codes scan better.
  • If you ever have scanner issues, press the call assistance button. An attendant can lift the gate for you over the intercom

Want to make your parking experience a little easier? Be sure to #Parkwithus!  Find your nearest TruPark parking center here.

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